The following programs are written in Prolog.

MCMC over Dlp defined Model Structures

mcmcms implements Markov chain Monte Carlo over Model Structures (see publications).

parameter estimation for SLPs

pepl is an implementation of the FAM algorithm for Stochastic Logic Programs.


r..eal, integrative functional statistics with R and logic programming.


proSQLite, a simple, yet powerful, Prolog library for the SQLite database system.


A simple interrogation pubmed tool for Prolog (pubmed).

http server for ODBC databases

hdb is a generic http server for odbc databases. Currently this has limited documentation.


A simple library for Prolog<->R communication. (r_session).

multiple PE experiments for SLPs

billow is a wrapper for running multiple parameter estimation experiments over arbitrary SLPs.

probabilistic finite domains

See here for more details.
A meta-interpreter for Pfds that can be queried over the web at this page or can be downloaded as a saved SICStus state from here (source can be requested by email).


Compile to create a Prolog saved state that can run Prolog scripts from the operating system command prompt. Go to Upsh.

ex libris

I have advocated a library-centric approach to developing and distributing Prolog, open-source. These ideas have been implemented in the freely available ExLibris program.
Last update 2012-12-18